Beach weddings make for beautiful pictures.  What you don’t see in those
beautiful pictures is how loud the wind and surf can be or how extremely hot it
can be.  Spring and fall are our busiest times of the year and it is often extremely
hot here in Florida even at that time of year. I would suggest when you are
considering the time of day for your ceremony you “google” the average
temperature here for the day you are considering.  

It’s been my experience that evening ceremonies, just before sunset, are the
best.  The lighting is best for pictures, ladies makeup will not be running and the
guys shirts will not have noticeable sweat.  

Take into consideration high tide.  If your ceremony is near high tide we will
have less beach to work with.  This could mean a curved aisle or a set up that is
diagonal to the water depending on the number of guests you are expecting.  
Most of the time, this is not the case.  Beach ceremonies are also harder to hear.  
We do have a small portable PA system that can be rented if needed, however, it
also picks up the sound of the wind.  

If you plan to have more than 50 guests a permit and insurance may be required.  

Tiki torches are for decoration only and will not be lit.  
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