New wedding packages are currently being added and we may not have photographs
yet.  You can select a set-up just as it is pictured or you may customize your package.   
If you would like to make changes to a package, let’s talk about it!  Some changes
may not have any additional costs, while others could change the cost of the package.
You won’t know unless you ask!

When you are looking at the cost of a package please keep in mind that a lot of work
goes into them behind the scenes.  We start hours, days sometimes weeks before you
ever see the final product.  Inventory is checked, flowers and other details may need
changed, and linens and drapes ironed.  Everything is carefully compared to a check
list, loaded and driven to your wedding venue.  We arrive 1 1/2-3 hours before your
scheduled start time (depending on how extensive the set-up) to begin set-up.  While
we have made our stream lined our set-ups I haven’t found anything that makes
digging holes in the sand any quicker or easier.  With that said, if you select a venue
that does not have easy access, (long walking distance) for us to get our equipment
from our vehicle to the beach or your park location there may be an extra charge to
cover extra personnel.

You will have use of your set-up for one hour after your scheduled start time, this
allows for photographs of you with your set-up following the ceremony. Your set-up
will be disassembled an hour after your scheduled start time.