Sand ceremonies have become a popular ritual to signify the "blending" of a family.  When
children are part of the new family, the sand ceremony is a great way to symbolize your new
journey together as husband and wife and as a new family.  

Couples add this ceremony to their wedding as an alternative to the unity candle ceremony
because it so beautifully captures the meaning of their two lives becoming one.  

In both situations it also creates a lasting keepsake of that special day.

Using different colored sands, the bride and groom (and children if there are any), each take turns
filling a Unity Vase.  It's a way to permanently show how the couple or family have joined as one.  
The sand ceremony is great for outdoor weddings as opposed to Unity Candles you do not have to
worry about them staying lit.

Want to add the Sand Ceremony?

If you choose to add the sand ceremony the additional cost is $25.  I will supply the table,
table cloth, and keepsake heart shaped vase, the pouring vessels, and sand.

If you prefer to provide everything yourself, I can simply add the wording to
your ceremony at no additional charge.
Choose your sand colors